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Welder is a mechanical engineering vocational trade .Trade duration is one year with two semester of six months each .This course comprises mainly like welding skill and metal working techniques used in the exploration of metal sculpture; hot and cold working of steel , shielded metal arc welding ,TIG,MIG, welding oxy- fuel and plasma arc cutting, weld design and finishing techniques; emphasized through hands on instruction and practice with the opportunity for creative expression and practical application. There are many career options after its passing in various field.

40 Seats


Mechanic (diesel) is a diesel engine mechanical vocational trade. The duration of trade is one year with two semesters of six months each. During class teaching students are told about different aspects of diesel engine and related other activities like maintain diesel equipment operation by completing inspection and preventing maintenance requirements; correcting vehicle deficiencies; making adjustments and alignments; keeping records. There are many opportunities in the country providing it because of its high career orienting nature.

48 Seats


Draughtsman civil would need a flair for drawing, the ability to translate concepts, be able to visualize three dimensionally and accurately, have good hand skills, good eyesight, patience, an eye for detail, and be computer literate. In the old days, all drafting was done by hand but nowadays, 24different disciplines, among which are architecture, mechanical, civil and structural engineering, piping, town planning and mine surveying. Each field requires slightly different skills. The job would be to transform the ideas of the engineer or architect into a drawing on paper with aid of a computer or drawing board. Civil engineering draughtsman draw plans for civil engineers; Read civil Engineer.

48 Seats


Electrician is an electricity/power working vocational trade. The duration of it is two years with for semester of six month each. During the course students are taught about things like installing or maintaining a variety of approved wiring methods for distribution of electrical light’ heat’ power’ radio and signaling utilization systems. Mainly, their work is in existing or new residential, commercial and industrial buildings and includes sheet and highway lighting, traffic signal and other outdoor above and below grade installations. Trade is good and important from job point of view as after passing the course they have employment at many places.

60 Seats


Electronic mechanic includes jobs involved in the assembly , fabrication’ overhaul, installation, maintenance, and repair of various fixed, semi fixed, ground, airborne, and marine electronic equipment such as communication equipments like radio, cryptographic , sonar, navigational aids, and related devices . This work requires a knowledge of the practical application of operating electronic principles, the ability to determine malfunctions, and the skill to perform proper maintenance and repairs to a variety of electronic equipment.

48 Seats


Mechanic (motor vehicle) is a motor vehicle mechanical vocational trade. The duration of trade is two years with four semesters of six months each. In this trade students are taught about skills like servicing, repairing and major overhauling of motor vehicle like scooter/ motor cycle, cars, trucks and buses; maintain all types of vehicles by work of suspensions, transmission, brakes, steering work, basic electrical and electronic work; fault diagnosis in petrol /diesel engines including MPFI engine, engine fitted with turbocharger, engine scanning, car A/C system and different relay operations. Trade is very good from job point of view as it opens many career fields for them at various places.

48 Seats


Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioner is an AC repairing mechanical vocational trade. The duration is two years with four semesters of six months each. During the trade, students are told about skills like repairing and servicing in refrigerator, water cooler, bottle cooler, deep freezer, visi cooler, walk in cooler, ice candy plant, cold storage, ice plant, split air conditioner, package air conditioner, central air conditioner, automobile air conditioner, transport refrigeration, air craft air conditioning, rail way air conditioning, ship refrigeration and air conditioning and other many aspects attached to these services. Trade is good and career orienting in character as it given job surety after passing it successfully.

48 Seats


Sl.No: Courses Matric(Std Xth Pass) 4 Semesters 2 Yrs. Boys & Girls
2Electronic Mechanic""""
3Draughtsman Civil""""
4Mechanic refrigeration & Air Conditioner""""
5Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)""""
6Mechanic (Diesel)"2 Semester1 Year"
7Welder (Gas & Electric) Non Matric (Std VIIIth Pass)"""